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We specialize in fertility acupuncture aimed to enhance fertility, increase pregnancy rates and balance hormones.  In women, research shows acupuncture and herbal medicine can regulate hormones, which can affect the ovulation and menstrual cycle. In men, it can have dramatic effects on sperm count, motility and morphology. In addition, acupuncture and herbal medicine can induce labor, turn breech babies, and ease postpartum distress. Whether you are going thru IVF, been diagnosed with “unexplained infertility, or looking to strengthen your chances of a healthy, natural birth, this is the place to start!

Our mission at Seattle Acupuncture & Fertility Center is to find the underlying imbalance that is causing your health issues. By pinpointing this root imbalance, not just your symptoms, we will come up with a prescription for your healing that is unique to your needs and lifestyle. This holistic approach may involve acupuncture, Chinese herbal formulas, Tuina, cupping, exercise, nutritional advice; an overall, simple routine that allows you to take charge of your health and healing.  East Asian medicine is extremely powerful in correcting imbalances in the body’s natural energy flow. 

If you are experiencing unsettling health issues, Seattle Acupuncture & Fertility Center may be the path to a healthy, vibrant future. You deserve more than a short consultation and a standard protocol from your health care provider. I make sure your questions and concerns are fully addressed before we start treatment.




Specializing in Men’s & Women’s Health Issues
Menstrual Irregularities / Menopause
Infertility / Hormonal Disorders
PMS / Migraines / Insomnia
PCOS / Endometriosis / Hot Flashes
Anxiety / Depression / Stress
IVF / ART Support
Sperm count /motility /morphology

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